Did you know that an M Class vacuum is the minimum legal requirement for construction sites?

Unrated vacuums & extractors used in construction and some other environments can be extremely dangerous because the harmful dust passes straight through the filter and is exhausted back into the air that you breathe.

This dust can remain airborne for over 8 hours and is able to enter your lungs and go right to the inner parts of your lungs and stays there forever.

Dust inhalation and its related diseases is one of the main causes of many deaths worldwide every year.

Main contractors and the HSE are increasingly concerned about the dangers of dust. The HSE say "Contruction dust is not just a nuisance - it can seriously damage your health. Regularly breathing in these dusts over a long time can cause life-changing lung diseases".

The threat is not only to your health, but also organisations have a responsibility to protect their workforce and using out dated equipment can have serious legal implications.

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