Fast and efficient Air Purifiers

Clean the air rapidly from dust, bacteria, viruses, dust mites, allergens and other pathogens. Remove a whole host of microbial bioaerosols from the environment where MAXVAC Medi air purifiers are in use.

MAXVAC Medi Air Purifier effectively proven to Remove Covid-19 Aerosols

Clinically proven by research hospital of Addenbrookes, Cambridge

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"World First Covid Surge ICU & Ward Trials" removes all traces of SARS-C0V-2 and other bioaerosols.

Proven to remove:

  • Candida spp.
  • CoN Staph
  • E. faecalis
  • E. faecium
  • Fungal 18S
  • HSV1
  • P. mirabilis
  • S. epidemidis
  • S. pyogenes
  • SARS-CoV-2
  • S. aureus

Air Purifiers for Proven Virus & Bacteria FREE Air

MAXVAC Medi Air Purifiers combine world-leading science and engineering in perfection to deliver ultra powerful air purification for commercial and high traffic areas.

To get the most effective air purification MAXVAC combines the most powerful technologies and cleans very high volumes of air fast and extremely energy and noise efficiently.


MAXVAC Design Engineers have more than 80 years of combined experience in working with, developing and testing air cleaning equipment


Combination of the best technologies - Steribreeze UV-C and Alpaire HEPA filters. 100% safe Ozon free


Capable of maintaining an ultra high level of cleaning of very high volumes of air fast without excessive energy consumption

More air circulations, the cleaner the room

The effectiveness of an air cleaner will very quickly diminish if it's inadequate for the task. In public areas, it is essential that an air-cleaning device is capable of extremely large airflow volumes. Ultimately, the more air circulations each hour, the safer the room will be.

To calculate the correct Air Purifier from the Medi series; in a standard room we go by the rule that the entire space must be refreshed all 10 - 15 minutes.

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What are the criteria for choosing the best Air Purifier

When evaluating an Air Purifier, every criteria must be considered. Because only efficient air purifiers bring the desired benefit; namely to effectively clean the air of viruses, bacteria, and other germs in the shortest possible time.


An air purifier needs to be powerful enough to clean the air efficiently. At least 4 to 6 air changes per hour are indicated. To calculate air changes you need both the room size and capacity of the device.


The right combination of filters is paramount: Dust, HEPA, Carbon, and UV-C-light are required to destroy pathogens and odours effectively.


To keep the air free of viruses, bacteria, fungi, allergens, dust, and bad smells without wasting excessive energy, you need a device that is capable of large airflow volumes with low power consumption.

Noise Emission

The air purifier should be barely noticeable in the background to keep a pleasant feeling and maintain concentration or even sleep. Volume can be critical in quiet rooms.

Your advantages of MAXVAC Medi Air Purifiers

MAXVAC Medi Air Purifiers combine science and engineering in perfection to get powerful air purification with low noise emissions that is study proven!

To get the most effective air purification MAXVAC combines the most powerful technologies and cleans very high volumes of air fast extremely energy efficiently.


Up to 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, allergens. fungi, odour and dust are removed.


Large airflow volumes ensures higher air changes per hour – from 260m3 to over 20,000m3.


Latest & most advanced technology with Alpaire® Hepa-Filters and Steribreeze® UV-C technologies and integrated air quality sensors.


Less open windows = less need to continually heat to maintain comfortable temperatures = no increase in heating costs.


Running at levels as low as 15dB, they are designed to be left running 24/7 without being noticed


The application can be easily moved wherever pure air is needed. Simply plug it in and switch on.


Free Professional Consulting, Personal Friendly Support & free delivery, over £100 +Vat


30 Days to trial most of our equipment

Air Purifiers for Proven Clean Air

MAXVAC Medi Air Purifiers combine science and engineering in perfection to get powerful air purification with low noise emissions that is study proven!

To get the most effective air purification MAXVAC combines the most powerful technologies and cleans very high volumes of air fast extremely energy efficiently.


MAXVAC Medi 10 – Ultimate power air cleaner – study proven!

The Medi 10 Air Purifier has been proven to successfully remove airborne Covid virus SARS-CoV-2, using State-of-the-Art patented Steribreeze® technology that combines an ultra-high UV-C concentration with Alpaire® HEPA filtration to deliver the very best air purification. A high volume of air cleaning is guaranteed

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MAXVAC Medi 8 – Quiet, unfussy, and maximum system efficiency!

This powerful air cleaner is designed to run 24/7 to purify the air unnoticed and create a healthy living environment. It operates at as little as 15dB, making it particularly suitable for public areas such as offices, waiting rooms, care centres, dental offices, homes, etc. Super-easy to set up and use.

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MAXVAC Medi 5 – Compact Air Cleaner

This air purifier is built with smaller rooms and offices in mind and is super easy to use and control. The Medi 5 is discreet, fits into smaller spaces, and is perfect for bedrooms or a home office. It makes the indoor air quality noticeably fresher within minutes.

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What our clients say

Our customers can count on high-quality products and top service. We always look forward to feedback, whether positive or constructive, then our goal is the maximum satisfaction of our customers.

"I installed a dustblocker 900 which reduced my 1hr fallow time to 10 minutes with the required 6 air changes in the room. Over the last month it has paid for itself. MG BDS"

Matthiew G, Private dentist UK

"We are very pleased with the operation of the MEDI 10 so far. We put it into operation straight away and it has been in use for a week during filming sessions in our theatre. It's very easy to operate with the remote control. It would have been useful to operate the unit without the remote control. We were very pleased with the pre-sale and immediate after-sales service from Kristie Ching."

David P.

"We had an excellent experience dealing with Dust Arrest . The Service and knowledge on the product was second to none by Kristie who dealt with our enquiry with brilliant professionalism and got us exactly what we required for our client the NHS at this extremely testing times ! Well done Kristie , your help was brilliant and the DB900 is keeping the patients safer in our local hospital Kind Regards Martin"

Martin N.

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Use of Air Purifiers

In highly frequented rooms such as reception halls, open-plan offices, hotel lobby, or waiting areas, the spread of viruses, bacteria, and germs is favoured by the increase in the CO2 content and aerosols in the air causing the risk of infection to increase significantly. The use of air purifiers is particularly recommended in such environments as well as private homes where a lot of time is spent in closed spaces.







"One of the best air purifiers out there. Great power with low noise. Also looking stylish. Prompt service from Dust arrest always ready to help!"


"I bought one which was more powerful than my needs so I could run it on a lower speed and noise level. I use a CO2 detector in conjunction with it and only add external ventilation as required in conjunction with our machine."

Gordon R.

"So far the experience has been really great. The product was received very quickly, well packed, easy to switch on and easy to manage. We are very satisfied with these first days of use."

Marine M.

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