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Transforming Workspaces: Conquering Dust Challenges with Dust Day's

Testimonials from Balfour Beatty

Brian Hume, Health & Safety

"The presentation that was delivered to the staff on site was imperative. It's been very well received by the people on site."

Andrew Gove, Site Agent

"The presentation that Bob delivered was very informative. Great information and good solutions!"

Fergus Clarke, Construction Manager

"The presentation was fantastic, it massively reduced the amount of dust created during every task we carried out."

Terry McBride, Site Foreman

"Bob's presentation was very informative. People may not have known how harmful dust is and it got the point across."


Dust Day's and Counting

Managing dust, one day at a time.


Contractors HSE Ready

Ensuring all contractors meet HSE rules.


Workers Dust Aware

Through attending our Dust Day program.

Toolbox Talks & Training

Vital knowledge and skills to tackle dust.

Trusted by many of the worlds greatest companies

What’s Covered in this session:

Dust Awareness Overview

Understanding the hazards and implications of dust is crucial in any construction or industrial environment. Our Dust Day's aim to educate everyone on-site about the nature of dust, its potential health risks, and the importance of controlling its spread.

These sessions provide a comprehensive overview of dust, its sources, and its impacts on both personal health and the wider environment, helping to create a safer, cleaner workplace.

Minimum Requirements

The Dust Day's also set out the minimum requirements for dust control as per Health and Safety Executive (HSE) standards.

From personal protective equipment (PPE) to housekeeping routines, we lay out the essential procedures that every contractor and worker should adhere to, in order to meet the necessary regulatory compliance. Adherence to these guidelines is not just about ticking boxes - it's about fostering a responsible work culture that prioritizes health and safety.

Measures & Solutions

The focus of Dust Day's isn't just on the problem but also on practical, effective solutions. We introduce a range of measures that can be implemented to control and reduce dust emissions, such as efficient ventilation systems and dust extraction tools.

We also showcase how easy it can be to adapt these tools to various tasks, ensuring that the solutions provided are relevant and feasible for day-to-day operations.

“Corporate & Personal Protection”

Dust Day's give individuals & teams the educational resource and knowhow to help reduce and mitigate dust in the workplace.

This not only saves lives and helps the health and efficiency of workers but it also protects Company Owners & Senior Managers from expensive HSE fines & potentially damaging litigation. Dust is a manageable problem, but if we do nothing we are stepping away from corporate responsibility, which in turn damages reputations as well as the health of our skilled workforce.   

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