Below you will find an extensive library of frequently asked questions and their answers. We are constantly updating this section, so keep checking back to see the most up to date advice and answers to questions relating to optimum dust management.

The MAXVAC Range of vacuum cleaners contain powerful extractors to tackle a range of dust particles. Particles weighing more than 1 mg are removed with Class L extractors, all particles weighing more than 0.1 mg are removed with Class M extractors, and the Class H extractors remove 99.997% of all dust particles, including fine MDF and asbestos dust.

Yes, the MAXVAC Range offered by Dust Arrest includes ATEX anti-explosion vacuum cleaners for the collection and disposal of hazardous dust in areas where hazardous explosive atmospheres may occur. All of these vacuum cleaners have been tested and certified to meet the requirements of the EU ATEX Directive.

Yes, we sell the full range of MAXVAC accessories, such as floor barsplastic brushesnozzlesconnectors, and more. We also sell MAXVAC attachments, such as the WaleTale to prevent dust escaping from mixing mortar and grout in buckets, the impact hammer guard, as well as a range of grinder and drilling shrouds.

Yes absolutely! Our experienced staff can either help via remote video call, or visit your premises and conduct a site survey. We will then be able to identify your individual requirements and suggest which equipment you can benefit most from.
Simply call us to arrange your site survey.

No. While we provide leading dust management solutions to a range of commercial clients, we also welcome individual customers who wish to buy dust management products for home use.

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Vacuums for use on asbestos must be a certified H Class Vacuum and must be used in conjunction with certified H Class Vacuum Bags. Once a vacuum has been used on asbestos, it should not be used on anything else, and because of the dangerous nature of asbestos dust, we recommend having your vacuum professionally decontaminated after each job.

No, the 125mm Angle Grinder Shrouds are only compatible on 115mm (4") and 125mm (5") Angle Grinders. However we do also have a larger model which is compatible with 180mm (8") to 230mm (9") Angle Grinders

For best performance, we recommend that the MAXVAC Dustblockers are used positioned on the floor as dust naturally falls so this gives the maximum possible chance for the dust to be filtered before reaching a surface. However, the DB500 and DB900 models can also be wall mounted if necessarry.

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