When Hang Climbing in London realised they needed to do something about the quantity of dust in their climbing centre, they reached out to us at Dustarrest. 

Climbing halls which creates a large quantity of dust on both surfaces and in the air which not only makes it feel "dirty" but can also be very hazardous to staff and clients alike. Watch below how Hang Climbing in London have successfully transformed their centre into a dust free environment, making it far more enjoyable for their clients and healthier for those in the environment for extended periods of time.

The first challenge was to ensure the surfaces were efficiently being cleaned and any climbing chalk residue quickly removed at the end of each shift. This is where the Starmix vacuum was introduced as the Starmix vacuums have a second-to-none filtration system when it comes to very fine and sometime slightly sticky dusts.

The second and more challenging task was to remove the chalk dust that was lingering in the air and being breathed in. This is where we implemented powerful air movement fans with sock filters to allow us to quickly and effectively suck the airborne dust up and away from personnel on the ground & climbing.

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