Car windscreens are starting to freeze over, those all-too-familiar songs are back on the radio, and we’re starting to think ‘how soon is too soon?’ to adorn our houses in red, green and gold.

That’s right! That time of year has rolled around once again and, if you’re anything like us, you’re beginning to plan what gifts you’re going to get your nearest and dearest.

This year, we at Dust Arrest are inviting you to think of something a bit different for the builders, decorators, brickies, carpenters, and other tradies in your life.

This festive season, why not give the gift of time?

What makes a better present than the gift of more years spent with family, friends, children and grandchildren?

Breathing in dangerous dust, such as silica, over the years can cause serious long-term damage, potentially leading to developing conditions such as COPD, lung cancer and silicosis – all horrible, life-limiting conditions. In fact, it’s estimated that 12,000 people in the UK die every year from past exposure. I’m sure the tradie in your life even knows friends or colleagues who have been affected in some way.

Yes, yes, we know this isn’t the typical festive message you might have been expecting – but think about it. It might not be a topic that is regularly discussed in your home or in the workplace, but one thing is for sure: occupational lung disease is a silent killer.

We’re not here to scare-monger or bring dread to this jolly time of year, but having the right measures in place can mitigate these risks and protect the health of your loved ones. What gift could possibly be better than peace of mind?

So, without further ado, we invite you to read on for the Dust Arrest Gift Guide 2023, themed around protecting your loved ones this season and beyond.


Tool Shrouds – A Small Investment with a Big Impact

Thanks to their unique patented design, created by a tradie for tradies, Tool Shrouds easily attach to power tools and do so without limiting precision or visibility.

This small investment has a huge impact as these small yet mighty shrouds are capable of capturing almost all dust created at the source.

Not only protecting your loved ones’ lung health whilst cutting or grinding hazardous materials, Shrouds also have the huge benefit of eliminating a huge amount of the mess!

For the person in your life with an angle grinder, core drill, impact hammer, or even those who mix plaster, adhesive or concrete in buckets, a Dust Shroud is definitely something to consider.

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Dustblockers – The Ultimate in Clean Air

If there are a few of you looking to club together to buy a gift, we’d like to introduce you to the Dustblocker DB450, an air scrubber able to capture and remove up to 99.997% of airborne particles – think dust, paint, and varnish overspray.

Packed to the brim with the very latest MAXVAC technology, it’s housed in a stackable systainer box system for easy transportation and storage between jobs.

Designed for non-stop operation, the DB450 ensures consistent air quality day in and day out. As it’s dual voltage, it can be used both in industrial settings or even in your home or workshop. Simply plug it in and let its 4-stage integrated Hepa 13 air filter cartridge work its magic!

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Dust Masks - Comfortable Personal Protection

The JSP Force 10 Full Face Mask is not just another mask; it's a promise of protection against harmful pollutants, and allergens.

Providing comprehensive coverage, shielding the wearer's eyes, nose, and mouth, this mask has been designed for extended wear with a comfortable, snug fit.

Its high-quality build and durability make it an invaluable gift for anyone working around hazardous materials, providing an extra layer of protection.

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Dura DV15 Vacuum Cleaner – Perfect to Keep in the Back of Their Van!

Compact, powerful and robust, the Dura DV15 is our most affordable M-Filtered Vac and is perfect for DIY enthusiasts, service engineers, and tradespeople to keep in the back of their vans.

Weighing just 6kg, it’s very sturdy and provides powerful suction – great for many different tasks.

One of its standout features? It’s M-Class filtered. This means it meets stringent safety standards, capturing 99.9% of all hazardous dust particles, including silica. This also means it meets site health and safety regulations.

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What Do You Get for the Person Who Has Everything?

In this portion of the Dust Arrest Gift Guide 2023, we’re going to think a bit more light-heartedly and provide you with some general gift inspo.

Some family members are much more simple to buy for than others, and it’s easy to end up feeling completely stumped. You want to buy them something they’ll use, but it has to be something they don’t already have… You want to show that you’ve put some thought into the gift, but you also have no idea where to even start thinking.

As the writer of this Gift Guide, I was puzzling out the above statement. There is a particular member of my family who is always notoriously difficult to buy gifts for, and I was having to think outside of the box. Working in a school, this person is constantly bogged down with colds and flus as soon as the autumn season begins and, as they’re a social butterfly, is forever exchanging viruses with visiting friends and family. Once the winter weather has left us, this person is then hit with pollen allergies during all of the warmer months, never without some sort of decongestant and trusty pack of tissues year-round.

Then, it hit me.


Medi 4e – The Knight in Shining Armour for Pollen Allergies and Cold & Flu Sufferers

Enter the Medi 4e Air Purifier, able to eliminate up to 99.999% of all particles from the air, including pollen, cold and flu viruses (including COVID-19!), dust, pet dander, and more.

Great news for the hay fever sufferers as it will help put a stop to pollen allergy symptoms, whilst also preventing airborne colds and viruses from spreading.

Despite its compact size, the Medi 4e doesn’t compromise on performance. Its small footprint houses HEPA & Gold Carbon Filters and UVC technology for perfect air purification.

With its easy-to-change cartridge filters, upkeep is a breeze. Each filter boasts a life of around 3,000 hours for hassle-free running.

Your recipient can breathe easy with the help of the MAXVAC Medi 4e. Click here to shop.


Sprintus Backpack Vac – Become a Dust Buster!

Who you gonna call? Dust Busters!

Who hasn't dreamt of wielding a proton pack like Bill Murray or Dan Aykroyd?

Introducing the Sprintus BoostiX Backpack Vacuum Cleaner – a cleaning tool that's not only practical and, beyond its visual appeal, boasts impressive functionality.

No more dragging around heavy vacuums; this lightweight, dust-busting wonder makes cleaning houses, cars, stairways, cinemas, narrow entryways, buses, and other tight spaces simple and comfortable.

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Dust Arrest’s Gift Guide 2023

And there you have it! We hope this gift guide has been helpful for you in selecting the right presents for your loved ones this year.

If you have any questions about any of the products we’ve mentioned in this gift guide, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our helpful team of dust experts: 
By phone on 0800 980 0105, by email on and using the contact form here.

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