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In the world of business and productivity, every second counts.

We often speak about how effective dust management can protect your long-term lung health, helping to prevent:

However, it's not just about keeping our lungs in good shape; it's also about being smart with our time.

Effective dust management can also help save you time every day, during and after each dust-generating task.

Whether you're clearing up large amounts of settled dust at the end of the day, organising external cleaning crews, or waiting for dust clouds to clear to gain back visibility and finish off a task, it all eats into your precious time - time that could be devoted to other parts of your business, or even spent on other jobs to earn you additional cash.

When you effectively manage dust, you're not just safeguarding your health; you're making a smart investment in the most valuable asset of all - your time.

Effective dust management saves time

Dust management devices can help you save time by:



Boasting almost complete dust extraction from the source, before the dust gets a chance to spread, Dusttool Shrouds are a small investment with a BIG impact.


Our innovative range of Dustblockers have been developed to remove unseen dust from the air. Designed to be able to operate 24 hours a day, they continually work to clean the air you breathe, filtering and removing even the most harmful dust.


Featuring either M-Class and H-Class filters (a legal requirement on most worksites), our range of powerful Industrial Vacuums can remove settled dust from surfaces, capturing it before it gets the chance to become airborne and harmful once again.


Save time and money with Dust Arrest

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