Welcome to our detailed look at the Makita VC4210MX, a 42L M-Class Wet/Dry Dust Extractor that is turning heads in the industry. Designed for both wet and dry environments, it boasts a large tank and a durable PTFE filter.

Approved for Dust Classes M as per EU standards, it claims to remove an impressive 99.9% of dust. But how does it compare to other models on the market? Is the price justified by its features? Stick around as we dissect its pros and cons, and compare it to two other leading models, MAXVAC 35L and Sprintus CraftiX 35L— to help you make an informed decision.

Let's Dive into the Pros and Cons

Before making any decisions, let's evaluate the Makita VC4210MX on its merits and drawbacks.


  1. High Filtration: Removes 99.9% of dust.
  2. Big Tank: 42L capacity for less emptying.
  3. Smart Storage: Flat-top design for tool storage.
  4. Auto Features: Automatic On/Off and filter cleaning.


  1. Heavy: Weighs 16kg.
  2. Pricey: Higher-end cost.
  3. Plug: 32A plug may be limiting.
  4. Wet Limit: 29L wet capacity.

How does it stack up against other vacuums?

VC4210MX vs. DV35 vs. CraftiX

When it comes to raw specifications and features, each of these three models has its unique strengths and limitations. The Makita VC4210MX boasts a larger 42L tank and a durable PTFE filter with an automatic cleaning system, setting it apart in terms of storage capacity and filtration efficiency.

However, it's also the heaviest at 16kg. The MAXVAC 35L impresses with its light 9.8kg weight and power take-off (PTO) feature, making it highly portable and versatile for quick tool integration. Sprintus CraftiX 35L prioritizes health protection, specializing in hazardous dust containment with an automatic filter cleaning system and anti-static equipment.

Additionally, Sprintus offers an option for a larger 50L tank. Each of these models is M-Class certified and features both wet and dry capabilities, but they differ in weight, tank capacity, and specialized features, offering a range of choices based on your specific needs.

In conclusion

After carefully weighing the pros and cons and looking at comparable models, it’s clear that the Makita VC4210MX is a robust and highly efficient choice for anyone requiring a dust extractor. It offers a large tank capacity and high filtration efficiency. However, if weight and budget are concerns, the MAXVAC and Sprintus models provide competent alternatives.

Choose the Makita VC4210MX if you need a heavy-duty, reliable machine with superior filtration and storage features.

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