Arbortech AS175 Allsaw Brick & Mortar Saw

£1,089 .99 excl. VAT £1,307.99 incl. VAT RRP: £1,574.10 You save £484.11 (31%)
AllsawSKU: AR-AS175-110
  • Cut through brick, soft stone, plastics & wood - fast & dry without dust
  • New improved powerful, heavy duty 1400 Watt motor
  • 6 Different blades cover every cutting job
  • Ideal for: Repointing, Raking out, Chasing, Cutting Doorways, Cutting Tree Roots
  • FREE MAXVAC WaleTale Shroud with every AS175 Allsaw
Voltage: 110 Volt
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I started off as an apprentice in the building trade in 1968, but came across the Allsaw last year, which lead us to purchase one. It's made life so much easier for us, we're wondering how we ever got on without it now! Whoever the brains was behind the Allsaw, I take my hat off to them!
Pete W.
Arbortech AS175 Allsaw Brick & Mortar Saw
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£1,089.99 excl. VAT £1,574.10

Arbortech AS175 Allsaw Brick & Mortar Saw Voltage: 110 Volt

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