MAXVAC offer a wide range of cutting-edge vacuums to cater to your diverse needs. These vacuums will revolutionize the way you approach cleaning and maintenance. MAXVAC's industry-leading industrial vacuums are crafted with meticulous attention to detail and engineered to deliver exceptional results.

With powerful suction capabilities, advanced filtration systems, and rugged design, these vacuums are built to last and excel in the toughest environments. Dive into this diverse product range and find the perfect industrial vacuum solution to elevate your operations. Let MAXVAC's unparalleled expertise and innovative products propel your business to new heights.

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ATEX Rated Vacuums

Safety & Performance Combined

Expertly designed to safely operate in volatile environments. Explore 40+ models, including brushless compact units, three-phase mobile vacuums, dust collectors, and more. These industrial vacuums ensure safety and top performance in challenging environments.

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Floor Preparation Vacuums

Revolutionize Floor Prep

Unleash the power of the Supra range, a cutting-edge selection of industrial floor preparation vacuums engineered to dominate challenging projects effortlessly. With superior suction performance, groundbreaking filtration systems, and rugged design, the Supra range propels your operations to the next level.

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Single Phase Vacuums

Efficient & Versatile Solutions

MAXVAC's single-phase industrial vacuums deliver powerful suction in a portable design, perfect for industrial cleaning and maintenance. Boasting large filters and optional Hepa H14 upgrades to tackle any job with confidence.

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3-Phase Vacuums

Robust & Reliable Performance

Experience MAXVAC's robust three-phase industrial vacuums, featuring side-channel turbines up to 25 kW. Tackle solids, liquids, and fine dust in high-demand environments with exceptional depression and airflow capabilities.

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Oil & Swarf Vacuums

High-Performance & Flexibility

Providing versatile industrial vacuums for oil and swarf, with models tailored to diverse applications. These high-performance vacuums feature up to 8,000 mm H2O depression and 30+ meters of reach. Available in single-phase or three-phase.

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Don't let dust, debris, or challenges hold you back! MAXVAC's cutting-edge industrial vacuums ranges are here to help you conquer any task with ease.

Our friendly vacuum experts are eager to assist you in selecting the perfect solution tailored to your needs. Don't hesitate – reach out NOW and let us help you revolutionize your cleaning experience!

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