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Our Standard Monitoring Packages

Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Tests

  • On-site LEV testing
  • System servicing

Service Pack 1

  • Personal DEEE
  • Background DEEE
  • Tailpipe DEEE
  • Single shift

Service Pack 2

  • Personal respirable dust
  • Background dust
  • RCS analysis

Service Pack 3

  • Personal noise
  • Class 1 sound level
  • Vibration – HAV/WBV

Monitoring Instrument Rental Package

  • Single or multiple instrument packages
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Optional cloud services

What we offer

At Dust Arrest, we are more than just a dust monitoring service. We provide a comprehensive suite of monitoring solutions to ensure your business remains compliant with a wide array of regulations and safeguards a conducive work environment. Our expertise extends from Diesel Engine Exhaust Emissions (DEEE) monitoring to dust, gas, noise, and vibration analysis. We also offer specialized Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) testing.

Our service includes the deployment of state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, regular upkeep and calibration, and meticulous reporting of all monitored data across all domains.

Plus more...

Beyond mere regulatory compliance, our diverse range of monitoring services aims to significantly elevate the overall health and safety standards within your workspace.

Whether it's mitigating exposure to hazardous gases, reducing harmful vibrations, or preventing dust-related health issues, our services help identify and address potential concerns before they become major challenges.

We extend this commitment to ensure your employees are operating in a safe, health-conscious environment that also complies with all relevant industry standards.

Our Services:

With tightening regulations on control of personal exposure to diesel engine exhaust emissions (DEEE) in the workplace, we carry out the following real-time procedures:​

1. PERSONAL DPM exposure analysis​

This is a device worn by the user that continuously measures the content of carbon particulates (soot) from diesel exhaust gases in the air being breathed in.​

2. AREA DPM concentration analysis​

This is a device in a static position that continuously measures the content of carbon particulates (soot) from diesel exhaust gases in the general body of air.​

3. TAILPIPE DPM and gases concentration analysis​

We use two devices to take measurements directly from the engine tailpipe​

  1. One that measures the carbon particulate (soot) - this is an actual particle count which is more accurate than a standard smokemeter which assesses the soot content from the overall opacity of a sample.​
  2. Another that measures the combustion gases emitted.​

From this we produce a detailed report highlighting the limits and risks of exposure, giving practical guidance on control measures and best practice in DEEE management

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We have years of experience within the industry

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