Unveiling Dustblocking™ Technology

Focus on the task, Let us handle the dust.

Dual Voltage Design Variable Speed Control Smart visual signal for filter replacement ensures consistent air purification performance. Visual Filter Alarm Crafted for longevity with easy transportability, making it a staple for any worksite. Compact and Durable Powerful air cleaning without the noise, perfect for workspaces requiring minimal distraction. Silent Operation Traps ultrafine particles and eliminates odors, maintaining pristine air quality round-the-clock. Advanced HEPA Filtration Customize airflow with precision for any environment, from gentle circulation to robust extraction. Effortlessly switches between 110V and 230V for seamless operation anywhere.
Effortlessly switches between 110V and 230V for seamless operation anywhere.

Cleanliness in Action

Effortlessly capture dust particles, transforming your air and workspace into an oasis of purity. Designed for performance, discover how advanced filtration technology keeps the air pristine.

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Why the DB650? Let Us Clear The Air

The MAXVAC Dustblocker DB650 is a completely unique dual voltage air scrubber that has been developed to remove the unseen dust in an area of work. Not every particle of dust can be captured at source.

Unmatched Efficiency

Engineered for peak performance, the DB650 filters air at an impressive rate, ensuring a dust-free environment swiftly and effectively.

Reliable Air Quality

With its superior HEPA 14-Carbon filters, trust the DB650 to consistently maintain healthy, breathable air, keeping workspaces safe.


From construction sites to culinary arts, the DB650 is versatile, providing optimal air quality across diverse environments.

As Flexible As Your Work Environment

Adapt to different environments with the DB650's variable speeds. It's an ideal choice for both small and larger spaces. For extensive areas, use multiple units together to ensure complete coverage and maintain a dust-free environment.

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Why Industry Leaders Can't Get Enough of DB650

Beyond the Buzz: Honest Feedback from the Pros Who Depend on Our Technology to Stay Ahead.

"We usually end up with a lot of overspray but this is a complete game changer! The air is clean, feels completely different. I absolutely love it!"




"Whether we are trying to control dust from being airborne or overspray when we spray, we always trust our MAXVAC DustBlocker DB650 to keep the air quality on our sites controlled"




"I use the DB650 virtually every day for manual prep/spraying. It's one of those items I couldn't be without now having used it for a couple of years."




"Very impressed! It is much lighter and quieter than my previous unit, looks more professional, and seems to do a better job scrubbing the air!"


Thomas House Painting


"I’ve got nothing but praise for the MAXVAC Range of products. It enables me quote on different jobs as the clients know we’re dust safe."


Matthew Taylor Tiling


"This is my favourite option if you spray in homes a lot, it’s worth the investment! This will continuously scrub the air and you will end up with a cleaner safer work environment with this thing on site."




24/7 Protection

Designed for uninterrupted operation, the MAXVAC Dustblocker DB650 ensures a continuous defense against airborne dust, working 24/7 to maintain a clean and healthy breathing environment.

Compact & Quiet

Experience the harmony of efficiency with the MAXVAC Dustblocker DB650's compact design and whisper-quiet operation, ensuring a non-disruptive presence. It's the epitome of silent vigilance in air purification, allowing for undisturbed work in any setting.


It's dual-voltage capability ensures the Dustblocker is always ready to perform, providing exceptional air filtration across different locations and power settings.

Trusted by many of the worlds greatest companies


With its HEPA 14-Carbon filters, the MAXVAC Dustblocker DB650 traps ultrafine particles and neutralizes odors, delivering pure air quality in every breath.

Negative Pressure Capability

The Dustblocker DB650 enhances controlled environments with its negative pressure feature, systematically removing contaminated air to ensure a clean workspace.

Versatile Applications

Designed for versatility, the Dustblocker DB650 performs superbly across various industries, from construction sites to culinary spaces, ensuring effective dust management.

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