On World Giraffe Day 2024, the team at Dust Arrest are excited to announce a successful collaboration with Edinburgh Zoo's giraffe team to enhance the air quality within their giraffe enclosure.

This partnership marks a significant milestone in our mission to provide innovative dust management solutions that benefit those in a wide variety of different industries

Understanding the Challenge

Edinburgh Zoo, the largest zoo in Scotland and a leading conservation charity, is home to a dedicated team of giraffe keepers who work tirelessly to ensure the well-being of their giraffes.

The giraffe house, with its sand substrate, posed a particular dust challenge. Regular maintenance activities like raking often stirred up substantial amounts of dust, compromising the air quality for both the giraffes and the staff.

Engaging with Edinburgh Zoo

The zoo team, led by Operations Manager Donald Gow, recognised the need for a comprehensive dust management strategy to look after their staff and keep giraffes healthy and invited us to conduct a site visit to assess the situation firsthand.

Tailored Dust Management Solutions

After a thorough site inspection, we identified several key pieces of equipment to address the dust issue:


MAXVAC Dura DV80 Vacuum Cleaner with Floor Bar: This robust extractor is designed to clean large flooring areas quickly and efficiently, eliminating the need for brooms that exacerbate dust problems by making settled dust airborne and respirable once again.




MAXVAC Air Movement Fans with Filter Socks and Ducting: These work to ventilate the giraffe house, replacing the dusty air with clean air.




MAXVAC Dustblocker Pro 30 Air Scrubber: These units continuously operate in the background to capture up to 99.995% of all airborne nasties, ensuring any residual dust left in the giraffe house is effectively removed.



Seeing Results in Real Time

During our initial visit, we used a Trolex Dust Monitor to measure the dust levels, which were found to be above recommended limits.

However, after implementing our dust management solutions, the improvement was immediate and noticeable. The air quality in the giraffe house was significantly better – clearer, fresher, and more comfortable for both the giraffes and their keepers.

Even the Trolex showed a dramatic drop in dust levels. Success!

A Unique and Trailblazing Partnership

This collaboration with Edinburgh Zoo is groundbreaking. We believe that this is the first time that air quality has been addressed so comprehensively in a zoo environment, benefitting both the animals and the staff.

We are so proud to be part of this innovative approach to zoo maintenance and animal care - and hope that this collaboration has broken new ground and will implement a new high standard for zoo maintenance worldwide.

Looking Ahead

Our relationship with Edinburgh Zoo doesn't end here.

We will continue to work closely with their team, conducting regular site visits to monitor and maintain optimal air quality levels.

This ongoing commitment ensures that the environment remains as healthy as possible for everyone involved.

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